First day up at Treble Cone for the season!

25th July 2021

Despite the early snow report warning of gale force winds and lifts on hold we decided to head up anyway and at least have a play in the snow and a hot chocolate since we were already excited about our first trip up to TC for the ski season. The report must have dissuaded a few people from coming up as we scored prime car park right beside the base building in the first row!

After enjoying a spectacular sunrise and a play in the snow, the 'Home Basin Express' opened pretty much on time so we headed straight up for a run. The 'Home Basin' was sheltered from the raging winds up top and despite the patchy conditions off-piste the groomers were in really good shape!

At around midday the wind up top was too strong for them to keep the lifts running. The girls played on the 'Nice 'n' Easy Platter' for a while, then we headed down the mountain. We had a great first day up at TC!

A beautiful day up at Cardies!

12th July 2021

Even with an early start we joined a long line of cars snaking their way up the track to Cardies, for the first day of school holidays. While getting geared-up, we were treated to a spectacular sunrise, bathing the slopes in pinky orange. After the usual battle to get the girl's ski gear on, we headed straight for the lifts and a warmup run. The sun was out, there was a gentle breeze, and the snow was in great condition.

Despite the packed car-parks the lift lines were reasonable for most of the morning and we got in some great runs. Captain's opened up just as we got to the top of the Whitestar chair so we rushed over and enjoyed some pristine groomers! We got in three or four runs before the lift line started to lengthen.

After a snow ball fight and a play over at the Captain's cafe, we skied until well after lunch time before calling it a day. Another great day of skiing up at Cardies!

First day on the snow for 2021!

8th July 2021

After a slow start to the 2021 season, a storm brought in a much needed dump of snow, with around 30cm falling on Cardrona. With all the new snow, the resort was able to open the 'Whitestar Express Quad', giving us some new terrain to explore on our first day of skiing for the year. With an early start we arrived in time to see a beautiful sunrise and Cardrona under a blanket of white.

Our girls were very excited to be back on the snow again, and after getting kitted-up, some adjustments to bindings with the help of the guys at the workshop, headed straight up for a couple turns. It didn't take long for the girls to get their ski-legs back.

After a well-earned break, some hot chocolate and a play in the snow, we exhausted ourselves with a few more runs before deciding to call it a day. We had a great time and are now excited for the rest of the season!

NEWS: Exciting developments at Cardrona for the 2021 ski season!

23rd February 2021

Some exciting news has been announced for the Cardrona Alpine Resort, with the opening up of the Soho Ski Area for the 2021 ski season. A new lift is being installed in the Willows Basin utilising the chairs that were to be used on the Pringles lift, which was shelved after the discovery of a population of alpine lizards in the area. So exciting new areas for the kids to explore!

The other great news is that the Valley Chair will be operating again this coming season, after lying idle during 2020. Read Jen Houltham's article on the Cardrona website for more details.

Season 2020 has come to an end!

18th October 2020

Well the 2020 ski season has come to an end. We had a great first year living in Wanaka, and despite COVID, patchy snow conditions, and some big crowds, we felt grateful to be able to ski with very little restrictions, while ski seasons all over the world were being cancelled. Our girls had a great time skiing at both Cardrona and Treble Cone during the season, with their skiing improving out of sight, helped along by their school ski program and the helpful instructors up at Cardrona.

We enjoyed our year so much we are staying for another one, and are already looking forward to an even better ski season in 2021!

First day at Treble Cone, New Zealand!

10th July 2020

The girls were very excited to head up to Treble Cone for the first time. We made it to the base in time to see the sunrise and to have a little breakfast before hitting the slopes. Our girls 'tested' the hot chocolate from the 'Bar' and gave it their seal of approval.

We headed straight up the 'Home Basin Express' chair for a warmup run on the 'Easy Rider', then back up and over to the 'Saddle Basin', which was looking very nice under a bright blue sky! We all had a great day skiing and the girls now love TC!

Snow day at Cardrona, New Zealand!

6th July 2020

We were all excited to have a snow day up at Cardrona, on the first day of the school holidays! We got up the mountain before the lifts opened and were greeted with heavy snowing. The girls had a great time playing in the snow, with snow ball fights and snowman making.

The visibility wasn't great but we had fun and still got a few runs in, as well as a warm-up and a hot chocolate in 'The Lounge', and then more playing out in the snow!

First family day skiing at Cardrona, New Zealand!

27th June 2020

On the second day of the season, we headed up early for our first day skiing as a family. We arrived up top in time for a spectacular sunrise before the lifts opened. The great weather continued with perfect visibility for the rest of the day.

The girls were happy to be skiing again, and it didn't take long to get their ski-legs back. Not all the mountain was open but there was enough snow around to have some fun, and with perfectly groomed runs a great day skiing was had by all. The girls were also excited to catch up with some of the local characters, a chat with Carol and, a high five and photo with Pengi.

Opening day, Cardrona, New Zealand!

26th June 2020

What a great opening day at Cardrona! There was blue skies and enough snow to open a few runs to have a bit of fun! It was great to get back on the skis!

There was an atmosphere of excitement in the air as a decent size crowd witnessed the official opening of the season, some performances by the local school children, and an 'impromptu' speech by the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern .